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Starfish—power and management (Søstjerner) (39087)

Petersen, J. K., Nielsen, C. F., Fitridge, I., Saurel, C., Thygesen, U. H. & Gislason, H.


Project: Research

Starfish as a new source of marine protein (STARPRO) (39272)

Møller, L. F., Petersen, J. K., Nielsen, C. F., Saurel, C., Barreau, P. D. A., Andersen, L. K. & Bak, F.


Project: Research

Production of mussels: Mitigation and feed for husbandry (MUMIHUS) (38790)

Petersen, J. K., Dolmer, P., Nielsen, P., Poulsen, L. K., Nielsen, C. F. & Landes, A. M.


Project: Research

Oyster hatchery (39313 & 39085 & 39233)

Petersen, J. K., Nielsen, C. F., Møller, L. F., Barreau, P. D. A. & Hansen, A.


Project: Research

Oyster care in Limfjorden (39120)

Petersen, J. K. & Nielsen, C. F.


Project: Research

New application of farmed blue mussels: Mussel meal (39089)

Petersen, J. K., Nielsen, C. F. & Fitridge, I.


Project: Research

Mussel season prolongation (FOMUS) (39273)

Saurel, C., Petersen, J. K., Nielsen, C. F., Boesen, H., Barreau, P. D. A., Bak, F., Andersen, L. K. & Nielsen, P.


Project: Research

Marine habitats and restorations methods (MaHaR) (38817)

Stenberg, C., Poulsen, L. K., Støttrup, J. G. & Dolmer, P.


Project: Research

Macroalgae biorefinery for value-added products (MAB4) (39372)

Canal-Vergés, P. & Nielsen, M. M.


Project: Research

Long-term management plans for mussel production (39121)

Petersen, J. K., Nielsen, P., Poulsen, L. K., Geitner, K. & Funk, E. S.


Project: Research

Local strenght—strengthening the rural areas, by adding competencies (39086)

Petersen, J. K., Nielsen, C. F., Nielsen, P., Canal-Vergés, P. & Saurel, C.


Project: Research