Zeolite-catalysed preparation of alpha-hydroxy carboxylic acids and esters thereof

Esben Taarning (Inventor), Saravanamurugan Shunmugavel (Inventor), Martin Spangsberg Holm (Inventor)

Research output: Patent

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A process for the production of lactic acid and 2-hydroxy-3-butenoic acid or esters thereof by conversion of glucose, fructose, sucrose, xylose and glycolaldehyde dissolved in a solvent in presence of a solid Lewis acidic catalyst.
Original languageEnglish
IPCC07C51/00; C07C59/08; C07C67/00; C07C67/44; C07C69/68; C07C69/732
Patent numberUS2010121096
Filing date13/05/2010
Country/TerritoryUnited States
Priority date11/11/2008
Priority numberDK20080001556
Publication statusPublished - 2010

Bibliographical note

Also published as: EP2184270 (A1), EP2184270 (B1), US2010121096 (A1), US8143439 (B2), ES2401537 (T3), CN101898955 (A), CN101898955 (B), CA2684852 (A1), BRPI0904364 (A2), AU2009235999 (A1) and AU2009235999 (B2).


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