Workshop on Estimation with the RDBES data model: (WKRDB-EST; outputs from 2019 meeting)

Kirsten Birch Håkansson (Editor), Nuno Prista, Andrew Campbell, Chun Chen, Mary Christman, Liz Clarke, David Curri, Laurent Dubroca, Ana Claudia Fernandes, Edvin Fuglebakk, Hans Gerritsen, Kristiina Hommik, Ain Lankov, Twan Leijzer, Richard Meitern, Zuzanna Mirny, Karolina Molla Gazi, Marijus Spegys, Sven Stoetera, Marta SuskaJosefina Teruel Gómez, Ioannis Thasitis, Bart Vanelslander, Julia Wischnewski, Lucia Zarauz

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The RDBES is the new Regional DataBase and Estimation System. The RDBES is expected to replace the previous RDB and InterCatch by the end of 2021 and will bring significant improvements and transparency in the provision of estimates from commercial fisheries to stock assessment and other end-users. The developments of the RDBES meet the EU-MAP requirements of progress towards statistically sound sampling schemes. The RDBES data model and associated database are able to store, among other, sampling data alongside the elements required to describe the sampling design used in data collection. Upload of data to and estimation within the RDBES will require significant adaptation of the data collection processes of national institutes in several areas, including data storage, but also sampling design, field protocols, estimation and data provision to end-users. To secure a soft transition there is a need to intensify internal planning of these adaptations from 2020.
The Workshop on Estimation with the RDBES data model (WKRDB-EST) prepared data for 8 of the 13 upper hierarchies of the RDBES and developed a first set of R-scripts that handles designbased estimation in the RDBES data model. Developments and tests were positive and confirmed the usefulness of the data model for design-based estimation. These developments are publically available in the ICES GitHub ( The RDBES core group will continue the development and produce an R-package that aggregates a) a generic set of estimation functions and b) vignettes documenting design-based estimation in each type of sampling hierarchy.
WKRDB-EST examined and tested version v.1.17 of the RDBES model with feedback being obtained from 15 countries on 8 of the 13 upper hierarchies of the RDBES. The data model can now be considered relatively stable with mostly minor issues being identified. The RDBES core group will discuss these issues and incorporate in a future data model, v.1.18.
Finally, WKRDB-EST discussed the way forward in the development of the estimation component of RDBES. It was agreed that the priority for 2020 should be finalizing the development of design-based estimators. That development should include domain estimation and post-stratification since these aspects are necessary to produce estimates at the spatial and temporal resolution required by a variety of end-users. Development of script for model-assisted and modelbased estimation based on the RDBES format should take place in other fora (e.g. SC-RDB-coordinated data workshops, WKs spawned by the ICES Working Group on Commercial Catches (WGCATCH)). A new WKRDB-EST will be suggested to SC-RDB for late 2020 where the developments of design-based estimation will be finalized.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherInternational Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)
Number of pages112
Publication statusPublished - 2020
SeriesICES Scientific Report

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