Wireless Single-Lead versus Standard 12-Lead ECG, for ST-Segment Deviation during Adenosine Cardiac Stress Scintigraphy

Luna Fabricius Ekenberg*, Dan Eik Høfsten, Søren M. Rasmussen, Jesper Mølgaard, Philip Hasbak, Helge B.D. Sørensen, Christian S. Meyhoff, Eske K. Aasvang

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review

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Wearable wireless electrocardiographic (ECG) monitoring is well-proven for arrythmia detection, but ischemia detection accuracy is not well-described. We aimed to assess the agreement of ST-segment deviation from single- versus 12-lead ECG and their accuracy for the detection of reversible ischemia. Bias and limits of agreement (LoA) were calculated between maximum deviations in ST segments from single- and 12-lead ECG during 82Rb PET-myocardial cardiac stress scintigraphy. Sensitivity and specificity for reversible anterior-lateral myocardial ischemia detection were assessed for both ECG methods, using perfusion imaging results as a reference. Out of 110 patients included, 93 were analyzed. The maximum difference between single- and 12-lead ECG was seen in II (−0.019 mV). The widest LoA was seen in V5, with an upper LoA of 0.145 mV (0.118 to 0.172) and a lower LoA of −0.155 mV (−0.182 to −0.128). Ischemia was seen in 24 patients. Single-lead and 12-lead ECG both had poor accuracy for the detection of reversible anterolateral ischemia during the test: single-lead ECG had a sensitivity of 8.3% (1.0–27.0%) and specificity of 89.9% (80.2–95.8%), and 12-lead ECG a sensitivity of 12.5% (3.0–34.4%) and a specificity of 91.3% (82.0–96.7%). In conclusion, agreement was within predefined acceptable criteria for ST deviations, and both methods had high specificity but poor sensitivity for the detection of anterolateral reversible ischemia. Additional studies must confirm these results and their clinical relevance, especially in the light of the poor sensitivity for detecting reversible anterolateral cardiac ischemia.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2962
Issue number6
Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 2023


  • ECG
  • Reversible ischemia
  • Single-lead
  • ST segment
  • Validation
  • Wireless


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