Wind power has a capacity credit. A catalogue of 50+ supporting studies

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    The capacity credit of wind power in a grid has received quite some attention in the past. In the early days of wind power, the capacity credit, or rather the perceived lack thereof, was a grave concern for the large-scale development of wind power on a nation-wide basis. Therefore, a number of studies was made since the 1970ies, arriving at the conclusion that a) wind power has a capacity credit, and b) the capacity credit is around the mean wind power output for small penetrations of wind power in the grid, and drops to a value near the minimum wind power generation for larger penetrations. This paper describes some different approaches to the capacity credit of wind energy, and provides
    links to a large number of studies, predominantly for European countries and from the earlier years of the development. Nowadays, the capacity credit is often just a sub-topic for the larger studies on how to integrate renewables, especially intermittent renewables, in the system. The sole aim of this paper is to provide a data base of most of the available literature to the topic, and to end the discussion whether wind power has a capacity credit: all studies from research institutes, consultants and the power indutry itself show that it has one.
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    Journale-WINDENG J.
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    Publication statusPublished - 2005


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