Wind Loads on Ships and Offshore Structures Determined by Model Tests, CFD and Full-Scale Measurements

Christian Aage

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    Wind loads on ships and offshore structures have until recently been determined only by model tests, or by statistical methods based on model tests. By the development of Computational Fluid Dynamics or CFD there is now a realistic computational alternative. In principle, both methods should be validated systematically against full-scale measurements, but due to the great practical difficulties involved, this is almost never done. In this investigation, wind loads on a seagoing ferry and on a semisubmersible platform have been determined by model tests and by CFD. On the ferry, full-scale measurements have been carried out as well. The CFD method also offers the possibility of a computational estimate of scale effects related to wind tunnel model testing. An example of such an estimate on the ferry is discussed. This work has been published in more details in Proceedings of BOSS'97, Aage et al. (1997).
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages14
    Publication statusPublished - 1998
    EventWorkshop on Deep Water Mooring and Related Topics in Offshore Engineering - Galati, Romania
    Duration: 23 Oct 199823 Oct 1998


    WorkshopWorkshop on Deep Water Mooring and Related Topics in Offshore Engineering

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