Warm-Electron Effects in n-Type Silicon and Germanium

Mogens Hoffmann Jørgensen

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The Boltzmann equation describing the warm-electron case is discussed and a review is given of the scattering mechanisms for n-Ge and n-Si with relatively low doping levels. Taking into account the known band structure, the Boltzmann equation is solved by a numerical iteration method under the assumption of weak intervalley scattering. It is shown that this condition can be relaxed for special symmetry directions. The warm-electron coefficient beta has been measured in the temperature range from 77 to 250°K by an audio-frequency method based on analysis of nonlinear distortion. Good agreement between measured and calculated results is obtained using the accepted values of the deformation-potential constants.
Original languageEnglish
Issue number3
Pages (from-to)834-843
Publication statusPublished - 1967

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Copyright (1967) by the American Physical Society.

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