Vibrating sample magnetometer (vsm) with a sample holder

Cathrine Frandsen (Inventor), Mads Almind (Inventor), Ib Chorkendorff (Inventor), Jakob Engbæk (Inventor)

Research output: Patent

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The invention relates to a vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) for measuring magnetic properties of a sample (S) using an elongated sample holder (SH, 10) with a controlled gas-atmosphere. The sample holder has an inlet (13) for receiving a first gas at the proximal end, an elongated first fluid channel (11) for conveying the first gas from the inlet to the sample. An elongated second fluid channel (12) conveys the first gas away from the sample, and an outlet (14) is arranged for conveying the first gas away from the elongated second fluid channel. Both the inlet and outlet are arranged at the proximal end of the sample holder near the head drive, and the sample holder facilitates vibrating sample magnetometry measurements of samples in gas-controlled environments at temperatures up to at least 1000 degrees C and in situ measurements of small sample masses.

Original languageEnglish
IPCG01R 33/ 12 A I
Patent numberWO2022189504
Filing date09/03/2021
Country/TerritoryInternational Bureau of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Priority date09/03/2021
Priority numberEP20210161620
Publication statusPublished - 15 Sept 2022


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