Version 2 of the EUMETSAT OSI SAF and ESA CCI sea-ice concentration climate data records

Thomas Lavergne*, Atle Macdonald Sørensen, Stefan Kern, Rasmus Tonboe, Dirk Notz, Signe Aaboe, Louisa Bell, Gorm Dybkjær, Steinar Eastwood, Carolina Gabarro, Georg Heygster, Mari Anne Killie, Matilde Brandt Kreiner, John Lavelle, Roberto Saldo, Stein Sandven, Leif Toudal Pedersen

*Corresponding author for this work

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We introduce the OSI-450, the SICCI-25km and the SICCI-50km climate datarecords of gridded global sea-ice concentration. These three records arederived from passive microwave satellite data and offer three distinctadvantages compared to existing records: first, all three records providequantitative information on uncertainty and possibly applied filtering atevery grid point and every time step. Second, they are based on dynamic tiepoints, which capture the time evolution of surface characteristics of theice cover and accommodate potential calibration differences between satellitemissions. Third, they are produced in the context of sustained servicesoffering committed extension, documentation, traceability, and user support.The three records differ in the underlying satellite data (SMMR & SSM/I& SSMIS or AMSR-E & AMSR2), in the imaging frequency channels (37 GHzand either 6 or 19 GHz), in their horizontal resolution (25 or 50 km), andin the time period they cover. We introduce the underlying algorithms andprovide an evaluation. We find that all three records compare well withindependent estimates of sea-ice concentration both in regions with very highsea-ice concentration and in regions with very low sea-ice concentration. Wehence trust that these records will prove helpful for a better understandingof the evolution of the Earth's sea-ice cover.

Original languageEnglish
Issue number1
Pages (from-to)49-78
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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  • Environmental sciences
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  • QE1-996.5

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