Using titer and titer normalized to confluence are complementary strategies for obtaining Chinese hamster ovary cell lines with high volumetric productivity of etanercept

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The selection of clonally-derived Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cell lines with the highest production rate of recombinant glycoproteins remains a big challenge during early stages of cell line development. Different strategies using either product titer or product titer normalized to cell number are being used to assess suspension-adapted clones when grown statically in microtiter plates. However, no reported study so far has performed a direct head-to-head comparison of these two early reporters for predicting clone performance. Therefore, we developed a screening platform for high-throughput analysis of titer and confluence of etanercept-producing clones. We then performed an unbiased comparison of clone ranking based on either titer or titer normalized to confluence (TTC). Using two different suspension cultivation vessels, we demonstrate that titer- or TTC-based ranking gives rise to the selection of clones with similar volumetric productivity in batch cultures. Therefore, a combinatorial titer- and TTC-based ranking is proposed, allowing for selection of distinct clones with both, high integral viable cell density (IVCD) and high specific productivity features, respectively. This contributes to selection of a versatile panel of clones that can be further characterized and from which the final producer clone can be selected that best fits the production requirements.
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Article number1700216
JournalBiotechnology Journal
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Publication statusPublished - 2018
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  • CHO cells, Cell line development, High-throughput, Industrial Biotechnology, Recombinant proteins, Screening

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