Ultrasound imaging flow

Jacob Bjerring Olesen (Inventor), Carlos Armando Villagomez-Hoyos (Inventor), Jørgen Arendt Jensen (Inventor), Matthias Bo Stuart (Inventor)

Research output: Patent

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An ultrasound imaging system includes a transducer array (102) having a plurality of transducer elements (106) for generating an ultrasound signal, receiving echo signals generated in response to the ultrasonic signal interacting with a stationary structure and a moving structure, and generating are formed by indicative electrical signals of the echo signals. The system further includes a beamformer (112) configured to process the electrical signals and to generate time sequences of beamformed data. The system further includes a filter (118) configured to process the beamformed data and to remove or replace a set of frequency components based on a threshold to produce corrected beamformed data. The system further includes a flow processor (120) configured to estimate a velocity of the moving structure from the corrected beamformed data. The system further includes a rendering unit (224) configured to display the flow velocity estimate on a display (124).
Original languageEnglish
IPCA61B 8/ 06 A I
Patent numberDE112015007249T
Filing date30/12/2015
Priority date30/12/2015
Priority numberWO2015IB60059
Publication statusPublished - 27 Sep 2018

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Published as: DE112015007249T5; WO2017115113A1; US2020138411A1


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