Ultra-low power all-optical switch using a single quantum dot embedded in a photonic wire

H.A. Nguyen, T. Grange, N.S. Malik, E. Dupuy, D. Tumanov, P. L. de Assis, I. Yeo, F. Fratini, N. Gregersen, A. Auffeves, J.M. Gerard, J. Claudon

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We present experimental results on two-mode optical giant non-linearity of a single InAs quantum dot (QD) embedded in a GaAs tapered photonic wire (fig. 1a). This system, in which the QD is efficiently coupled to a single guided mode, has been exploited to realize ultrabright single-photon sources [1,2]. We exploit here its broad operation bandwidth (>100 nm around 950 nm) to efficiently address two different transitions of the QD with two cw laser beams (fig. 1b). The laser coupled to the upper transition leads to a Rabi splitting of the intermediate state (Autler-Townes effect), affecting the resonant reflectivity of the laser coupled to the lower transition (see fig. 1c). By performing reflectivity experiment, we show that a coupling laser of 10 nW (50 photons per emitter lifetime) can modify the transmission of the probe laser, realizing an ultra-low power all-optical switch.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2016
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2016
EventWilhelm und Else Heraeus Seminar: Hybrid Systems for Quantum Optics - Bad Honnef , Germany
Duration: 10 Jan 201613 Jan 2016
Conference number: 604


SeminarWilhelm und Else Heraeus Seminar
CityBad Honnef


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