Two component micro injection moulding for moulded interconnect devices: 2k moulding for MIDs

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Among the available MID process chains, two component (2k) injection moulding with subsequent selective metallization is one of the most industrially adaptive processes. However the use of two component injection moulding for MID fabrication, with circuit patterns in the sub-millimeter range, is a challenge for industrial MID production. This research work demonstrates the feasibilities and challenges of MID fabrication by 2k moulding for highly precise and technically challenging applications


ConferenceTechnologies for manufacture of Moulded Interconnect Devices-ATV• SEMAPP/The Polymer- and MicroNano groups in cooperation with Dansk Maskinteknisk Selskab (DMS), IDA and the European Network of Excellence “Multi Material Micro Manufacture (4M)” conference
CityTechnical University of Denmark, Denmark
Period01/01/2008 → …

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