Trends and Visions in Metal Forming Tribology

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Research and development in metal forming tribology is characterized by intensified focus on new tribo-systems such as new lubricants, tool materials and tool coatings in order to substitute environmentally hazardous lubricant systems. Other means to solve these problems include the development of structured work piece and tool surfaces to facilitate micro-hydro-dynamic lubrication. Increased knowledge on skin-pass rolling to establish structured sheet surfaces and new automatic polishing equipment to manufacture tailored tool surfaces are important means to improve tribo-conditions in severe forming operations, which otherwise would require the use of environmentally hazardous lubricant systems. A methodology for prediction of limits of lubrication of new tribo-system for sheet forming production based on numerical modelling and off-line testing in dedicated simulative tribo-tests is proposed.
Original languageEnglish
JournalSteel Research International
Issue numberSpecial issue
Pages (from-to)15-26
Publication statusPublished - 2011
Event10th International Conference on Technology of Plasticity - Aachen, Germany
Duration: 25 Sep 201130 Sep 2011
Conference number: 10


Conference10th International Conference on Technology of Plasticity
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