Treatment of Lignin and Waste residues by Flash Pyrolysis: Final report

Peter Arendt Jensen, Ngoc Trung Trinh, Kim Dam-Johansen, Niels Ole Knudsen, Hanne Risbjerg Sørensen

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Lignin, sewage sludge and macroalg ae (nonconventional biomasses) fast pyrolysis properties has been studied through experimental investigations on a la boratory Pyrolysis Centrifugal Reactor (PCR) and a model on lignin pyrolysis have been developed. Fu rthermore the nonconventional biomass pyrolysis properties were compared with the pyrolysis properti es of wood and straw. The PCR treatment of sewage sludge provides an oil that can be used for energy pur poses and a solid residue rich in in organic nutrients that may be used as fertilizer product. By fast pyroly sis of lignin from the IBUS ethanol plant a bio-oil can be produced with oil yields of 36% (daf) and an oil en ergy recovery of 45%. This is a relatively low bio-oil yield compared to other feedstock’s, however, it may increase the value of the lignin residual product, such that the lignin char is used for combustion on the ethanol plant, and the bio-oil is sold for use on heavy oil burners. The macroalgae is a promising feedstock w ith a high bio-oil yield of 54 wt% daf and an energy recovery of 76 % in the liquid oil. Detailed characteriza tion of the pyrolysis products in the form of bio-oil, gas and char has been performed. The properties of sl urries made of char and pyrolysis oil that potentially may be used as a feed for pressurized gasifiers has been investigated. It was shown that slurries made of mixtures of wood and bio-oil can be pumped into pressu rized systems. A new patented version of the PCR rotor unit, which can be operated at low rotational speed was constructed. The new rotor systems should make it easier to make an up-scaling of the process.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherTechnical University of Denmark, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering
Number of pages146
Publication statusPublished - 2014

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CHEC no. R1401 project no. 010077


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