Towards a standardized way of reporting physicochemical data and process metrics for transaminase reactions

Pär Tufvesson

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Transaminase catalyzed transformations have the potential of becoming a standard tool for the synthesis of optically pure chiral amines [1]. Many studies show the wide span of substrate acceptance and the excellent enantioselectivity that can be achieved [2]. However, many times critical information about the system and the reaction performance is lacking in the otherwise very useful scientific reports at laboratory scale. For instance, although K equilibrium is one of the key determining factors for the design and scale-up any transaminase process, it is very rarely reported [3]. In order to build a broader understanding of the correlation between the underlying physicochemical properties of the system (e.g. substrate volatility) and the process performance (e.g. gram of product per gram of biocatalyst), it would be highly beneficial if these data were reported, and ideally in a consistent manner. In this poster we will suggest data that preferably should accompany reports on transaminase reactions, and also the underlying motivation for why these data are important.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2013
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2013
Event1st International Symposium on Transaminase Biocatalysis - KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
Duration: 28 Feb 20131 Mar 2013


Conference1st International Symposium on Transaminase Biocatalysis

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Transam2013 - 1st International Symposium on Transaminase Biocatalysis, at KTH, Stockholm Sweden, Feb 28-Mar 1, 2013
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