Towards a Low Energy Society from me

Jørgen Nørgaard, Bente Lis Christensen

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    The book is based on energy planning research at Technical University of Denmark. With 1980 as a base year, two possible scenarios for future development in Denmark are analysed and described with respect to technology used and life style practised. In a high-energy society the country's energy consumption is almost doubled by 2030, and in a low-energy society energy consumption in 2030 can be less than one third of that in the base year. In this updated version a chapter is added dealing with what actually happened over the first 20 years of the scenario period, in which energy consumption stayed constant in between the two scenarios. It is analysed what went right with energy savings and what didn't over these passed years. The book is illustrated with drawings and graphs by Claus Deleuran.
    Original languageChinese
    Place of PublicationBeijing, China
    PublisherEconomy and Management Publishing House,
    Number of pages148
    ISBN (Print)7-80207-612-9
    Publication statusPublished - 2006

    Bibliographical note

    The book is translated and updated by Gao Peijin ( and Li Jian ( via English from the Danish "Energihusholdning", published in 1982 by FDB, Taastrup, Denmark. Available with different titles also in Japanese and English


    • Energy consumption, , ,
    • households
    • economic development
    • scenarios

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