Total Costs and Benefits of Biomass in Selected regions of the European Union

A. de Almeida, A. Bauen, F.B. Costa, S.O. Ericson, J. Giegrich, G. Gosse, N. von Grabczewski, H.-M. Groscurtha, D.O. Hall, J. da Silva Marianoe, P.M.G. Mariano, Niels I Meyer, Per Sieverts Nielsen, B. Widmann C. Kern, C. Nunes, A. Patyk, E. Poitrat, G.A. Reinhardt, F. Rosillo-Calle, I. ScraseC. Vergé, B. Widmann

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Project outline:In the Biocost project, representative biomass-to-electricity and biomass-to-transport-service fuel cycles located at different sites within the European Union have been evaluated concerning their environmental and economic performance. Each case study was compared to a fossil-fuel fired reference case. The case studies examined comprise:-utilisation of foresty residues in the Naessjoe circulation fluidised bed combustion plant, Sweden, versus the use of Polish coal in the same plant;- utilisation of forestry residues and short-rotation coppice for industrial combined heat and power production in Mangualde, Portugal, versus the use of fuel oil in an engine generating heat and power;- production of biogas from animal slurry for municipal combined heat an power generation at Hashoej, Denmark, versus the use fo Danish natural gas in the same engine;- gasification of woody biomass for combined heat and power generation in Vaernamo, Sweden, and Eggborough, UK, versus the use of coal in the Naessjoe plant mentioned above and a UK power plant;- production of cold-pressed rape-seed oil and its use in a cogeneration plant at Weissenburg, Germany, versus the use of diesel fuel in a similar engine;- production of rape-seed oil methyl ester (RME) and its use for goods transport in Germay, versus the use of diesel fuel in the same fleet of trucks;- production of ethyl tertiary butyl ether (ETBE) from sugar beets and sweet sorghum for transport applications in France, versus the use of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) from fossil sources for the same purpose.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages112
Publication statusPublished - 1998

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Non Nuclear Energy Programme, JOULE III
Contract JOR3-CT95-0006


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