TOPFARM - next generation design tool for optimisation of wind farm topology and operation

Gunner Chr. Larsen, Helge Aagaard Madsen , Niels Troldborg, Torben J. Larsen, Pierre-Elouan Réthoré, Peter Fuglsang, Søren Ott, Jakob Mann, Thomas Buhl, Morten Nielsen, Helen Markou, Jens Nørkær Sørensen, Kurt Schaldemose Hansen, Robert Flemming Mikkelsen, Valery Okulov, Wen Zhong Shen, Malcolm Heath, John King, Graeme McCann, Wolfgang SchlezIngemar Carlén, Hans Ganander, Emilio Migoya, Antonio Crespo, Angel Jiménez, J.L. Prieto, Amy Stidworthy, Davis Carruthers, Julian Hunt, Stephanie Gray, Dick Veldkamp, Anders S. Mouritzen, Leo Jensen, Thomas Krogh, Björn Schmidt, Kimon Argyriadis, Peter Frohböse

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    The present report is the publishable final activity report for the EU project TOPFARM. The project has been running from 1st December 2007 to 30th November 2010, and has successfully addressed optimization of wind farm topology and control strategy based on aero-elastic modeling of loads as well as of power production as seen in an economical perspective. Crucial factors in this regard are the overall wind climate at the wind farm site, the position of the individual wind turbines, the wind turbine characteristics, the internal wind farm wind climate, the wind turbine control/operation strategy for wind turbines interacting through wakes, various cost models, the optimization strategy and a priori defined constraints imposed on the wind farm topology. In TOPFARM, the object function used in the optimization platform is formulated in economical terms, thus ensuring the optimal balance between capital costs, operation and maintenance costs, cost of fatigue lifetime consumption and power production output throughout the design lifetime of the wind farm. The report describes the project consortium and the project activities, which has been organized in 9 Work Packages. A summary description of the results is given, and reference is made to a large number of publications resulting from the project.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherDanmarks Tekniske Universitet, Risø Nationallaboratoriet for Bæredygtig Energi
    Number of pages95
    ISBN (Electronic)978-87-550-3964-3
    Publication statusPublished - 2011
    SeriesDenmark. Forskningscenter Risoe. Risoe-R


    • Risø-R-1805
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