Thulium pumped mid-infrared 0.9–9μm supercontinuum generation in concatenated fluoride and chalcogenide glass fibers

Irnis Kubat, Christian Rosenberg Petersen, Uffe Visbech Møller, Angela Seddon, Trevor Benson, Laurent Brilland, David Méchin, Peter M. Moselund, Ole Bang

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    We theoretically demonstrate a novel approach for generating Mid-InfraRed SuperContinuum (MIR SC) by using concatenated fluoride and chalcogenide glass fibers pumped with a standard pulsed Thulium (Tm) laser (TFWHM=3.5ps, P0=20kW, νR=30MHz, and Pavg=2W). The fluoride fiber SC is generated in 10m of ZBLAN spanning the 0.9–4.1μm SC at the −30dB level. The ZBLAN fiber SC is then coupled into 10cm of As2Se3 chalcogenide Microstructured Optical Fiber (MOF) designed to have a zero-dispersion wavelength (λZDW) significantly below the 4.1μm InfraRed (IR) edge of the ZBLAN fiber SC, here 3.55μm. This allows the MIR solitons in the ZBLAN fiber SC to couple into anomalous dispersion in the chalcogenide fiber and further redshift out to the fiber loss edge at around 9μm. The final 0.9–9μm SC covers over 3 octaves in the MIR with around 15mW of power converted into the 6–9μm range.

    Original languageEnglish
    JournalOptics Express
    Issue number4
    Pages (from-to)3959-3967
    Publication statusPublished - 2014

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    This paper was published in Optics Express and is made available as an electronic reprint with the permission of OSA. The paper can be found at the following URL on the OSA website: Systematic or multiple reproduction or distribution to multiple locations via electronic or other means is prohibited and is subject to penalties under law.


    • OPTICS
    • 4.5 MU-M
    • IR
    • POWER
    • LIGHT
    • NM
    • Chalcogenides
    • Fibers
    • Fluorine compounds
    • Infrared devices
    • Optical fibers
    • Optical parametric oscillators
    • Optical pumping
    • Scandium compounds
    • Solitons
    • Supercontinuum generation
    • Thulium
    • Anomalous dispersion
    • Chalcogenide fibers
    • Chalcogenide glass fibers
    • Fluoride fibers
    • Microstructured optical fibers
    • Mid-infrared supercontinuum
    • ZBLAN fiber
    • Zero-dispersion wavelength
    • Glass fibers


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