The UNDP/GEF Baltic wind atlas

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    In the frame of the Regional Baltic Wind Energy Programme, sponsored by the Global Environment Facility through the UNDP, a publicly available wind resource database for the wind-energy relevant areas of the Baltic Countries has been established. A 2-yearmeasurement campaign has been performed based on 7 stations in the coastal area: the 3 Lithuanian sites Kretinga, Vilkyciai and Taurage; the Latvian site Särnate; and the 3 Estonian sites Prangli, Virtsu and Uulu. In addition, private data measured at theEstonian site Türisalu was made available to the project. Although the campaign was running for about two years it was only possible to get one full one-year data series for each site with start time ranging from primo May 2001 to primo October 2001. Themeasured data have been analysed according to the “Wind Atlas Method”, implying cleansing the wind data for nearby terrain effects, and resulting in regional wind climates or Wind Atlases referring to a number of standard conditions. To the extentpossible measures have been taken to make the regional wind climates represent long-term wind statistics (> 10 year). This was done by using correlation techniques based on reference data from met-institute stations with long-term records as well as datafor the short-term measurement period of the present campaign. Similarly, inter-comparison techniques were used to adjust for data fall-out for longer unbroken periods. The data from this project have been supplemented by in-land data from measuringstations of the three national meteorological institutes. All relevant data files regarding the 8 stations of the project will be available from the wind atlas web of Risø National Laboratory: - with the exception of the private datameasured at Türisalu.
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