The Origin and Constitution of Facilities Management as an integrated corporate fuction

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    Purpose – To understand how facilities management (FM) has evolved over time in a complex public corporation from internal functions of building operation and building client and the related service functions to become an integrated corporate function. Design/methodology/approach – The paper is based on results from a research project on space strategies and building values, which included a major longitudinal case study of the development of facilities for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) over time. The research presented here included literature studies, archive studies and an interview survey. Findings – The analysis shows that the building related and service related functions have developed separately for a long period starting at operational level and with the tactical and strategic levels being introduced at later stages, when the organisation had grown considerable. Only within the last 20 years have integrations occurred starting with a vertical integration of the operational, tactical and strategic levels separately for the building related and service related functions. Later on a horizontal integration of building related and service related functions takes place and a fully integrated corporate Facilities Management function are established. Research limitations/implications – The paper presents empirical evidence of the historical development ofFMfrom one case and provides a deeper understanding of the integration processes that are crucial to FM and which can be an inspirational basis for further research on the organisation of FM. Practical implications – The results provides an insight in principles for the organisation of FM, which is important for managers within FM. Originality/value – This is probably the first in depth study of the origin and constitution of FM in a complex public corporation.
    Original languageEnglish
    Issue number13/14
    Pages (from-to)490-500
    Publication statusPublished - 2008


    • Integration
    • Services
    • Strategic Management
    • Facilities
    • Denmark


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