The making of the FM value map

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    Purpose: To present the FM Value Map and the background, process and considerations of its development and to reflect on perspectives and limitations.
    Methodology: The FM Value Map was developed from cases studies as part of the research project Facilities Management Best Practice in the Nordic Countries. This project is briefly presented, the methods and different versions in the development of the value map are described and explained, and the strengths and limitations of it are discussed.
    Findings: The FM Value Map presents a holistic view on the added value of FM by including impacts on both core business and surroundings and involving the benefits for multiple stakeholders. However, among the limitations and weaknesses are: is does not distinguish between value creation and added value, it neither reflects the distinction between strategic, tactical and operational levels of FM nor does it take the core business strategy as a starting point, and it is a fairly static framework. In spite of these limitations, the FM Value Map is an important element in the ongoing research and development in this area, but it should perhaps more be seen as a starting point rather than an end result.
    Practical implications: The FM Value Map is a conceptual framework which can help to understand and explain the different ways that FM can create and add value to a core business and possibly to the surroundings. Furthermore, the value map may be used to identify and demonstrate the elements which in specific cases have a special importance for the value creation of FM.
    Research limitations: The chapter is a retrospective presentation of a research process. Originality/value: The chapter gives a detailed insight in the development process of the conceptual
    FM Value Map.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationThe Added Value of Facilities Management: Concepts, Findings and Perspectives
    EditorsPer Anker Jensen, Theo van der Voordt, Christian Coenen
    PublisherPolyteknisk Boghandel og Forlag
    Publication date2012
    ISBN (Electronic)9788750210405
    Publication statusPublished - 2012


    • NordicFM
    • Best Practice
    • Case Studies
    • Added Value
    • Strategic Mapping


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