The effects of participating in the 3rd Nordcode seminar

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My motivation for co-organise and participate in the 3’rd Nordcode seminar was threefold. Firstly, it gave me an opportunity to get insight into the Nordcode research area, which is defined as communicative product design seen from a Nordic perspective. Secondly, I would learn about state-of-the-art, current research questions and research methods within this research area. Thirdly, I had a change to meet and discuss with Nordic colleagues. In the invitation to the 3’rd Nordcode seminar “Design communication” the organisers outlined the seminar theme as follows: “Design is about communication in many dimensions. Designed objects communicate messages in themselves. They have aesthetic qualities and they carry information about their use and usability. Also the design process is very much about communication. The design team communicates about design concepts and communication with users is central to ensure good design. Topics include: · Semantic and aesthetic functions – How do products communicate? And how do designers communicate their thoughts about design intensions? · User involvement - How can users be involved in the design process? · User centred design - How can user requirements be handled in the design process? · Conceptualisation - How can designers communicate early design ideas/concepts within a design team? And with potential consumers?” The purpose of this report is to make a balance on my personal outcome of participating in the seminar. I will make this balance by focusing on the overall question what is design communication? This question can be broken down to: · Where do we find design communication? · Which dimensions of the phenomenon design communication were articulated at the seminar? I will answer these questions by commenting on those Nordcode presentations, in which I found contributions to an answer, and I will propose a map of design communication as it was treated and discussed at the seminar.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationHelsinki
PublisherUniversity of Art and Design Helsinki
ISBN (Print)951-558-135-4
Publication statusPublished - 2005
SeriesDesign Communication, working papers
NumberF 30


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