The Developmental Work

Niels Møller, Helge Hvid

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    AbstractIn the nineties, the concept of the developmental work (DW) has become a significant point of orientation for the actors on Danish labour market. The DW has moved the focus of the labour market from wages and working time towards work and production. For employees, the DW promises developmental possibilities, influence and responsibility, but also greater social responsibility for the firm. For firms, the DW promises increased competitiveness and better products. In this paper we present the concept of the DW as one which encourages the development of work, production and organisation. First the paper briefly presents the historical background of the DW in the Scandinavian countries and in Denmark. Different activities related to the DW are mentioned. In the second part of the article the DW is presented as a concept for the development of the firm. We outline a new concept of the firm and show that the DW is different from mainstream management concepts, as the DW
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalHuman Factors and Ergonomics In Manufacturing
    VolumeVol. 11 (2)
    Pages (from-to)89-100
    Publication statusPublished - 2001


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