The Cu-Sb-Se phase system at temperatures between 350 and 700 degree C.

Sven Karup-Møller

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    Phase relations were determined in the Cu-Sb-Se phase system at 300o, 400o, 450o, 500o, 600o and 700oC. Five three-component phases are present at 300oC: permingeatite (Cu3SbSe4), phase A (Cu3SbSe3, the Se-equivalent to skinnerite Cu3SbS3), phase B (CuSbSe2, the Se-equivalent to chalcostibite CuSbS2), phase C (Cu5.04Sb35.9Se59.1) and phase D (Cu38.8Sb6.10Se55.1). An X-ray crystallographic study is currently in progress on phase C. Phase D is present in insufficient amounts for such a study. At 400oC phase C and D does not exist and at 500oC all solid ternary phase are absent. At 450oC two liquid fields exist in the Se rich portion of the phase diagram. At 500oC they have united into one field. At 600oC another liquid field has developed in the Sb-rich portion of the phase diagram, and at 700oC only one field exists. It dominates the Se-Sb rich portion of the phase diagram. The maximum content of Sb in Cu-Se phases, Cu in Sb-Se phases and Se in Cu-Sb phases has been studied in detail.
    Original languageEnglish
    Issue number4
    Pages (from-to)277 to 292
    Publication statusPublished - 1999

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