The COMPARE Data Hubs

Clara Amid, Nima Pakseresht, Nicole Silvester, Suran Jayathilaka, Ole Lund, Lukasz D. Dynovski, Bálint Pataki, Dávid Visontai, Basil Britto Xavier, Blaise T.F. Alako, Ariane Belka, Jose L.B. Cisneros, Matthew Cotten, George B. Haringhuizen, Peter W. Harrison, Dirk Höper, Sam Holt, Camilla Hundahl, Abdulrahman Hussein, Rolf Sommer KaasXin Liu, Rasko Leinonen, Surbhi Malhotra-Kumar, David F. Nieuwenhuijse, Nadim Rahman, Carolina Dos S Ribeiro, Jeffrey Edward Skiby, Dennis Schmitz, József Stéger, János M. Szalai-Gindl, Martin Christen Frølund Thomsen, Simone M. Cacciò, István Csabai, Annelies Kroneman, Marion Koopmans, Frank Møller Aarestrup, Guy Cochrane

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Data sharing enables research communities to exchange findings and build upon the knowledge that arises from their discoveries. Areas of public and animal health as well as food safety would benefit from rapid data sharing when it comes to emergencies. However, ethical, regulatory and institutional challenges, as well as lack of suitable platforms which provide an infrastructure for data sharing in structured formats, often lead to data not being shared or at most shared in form of supplementary materials in journal publications. Here, we describe an informatics platform that includes workflows for structured data storage, managing and pre-publication sharing of pathogen sequencing data and its analysis interpretations with relevant stakeholders.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberbaz136
JournalDatabase : the journal of biological databases and curation
Pages (from-to)1-14
Publication statusPublished - 2019


  • data hubs
  • data sharing platform
  • FAIR principles
  • pathogen portal
  • pathogen sequencing data

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Amid, C., Pakseresht, N., Silvester, N., Jayathilaka, S., Lund, O., Dynovski, L. D., Pataki, B., Visontai, D., Xavier, B. B., Alako, B. T. F., Belka, A., Cisneros, J. L. B., Cotten, M., Haringhuizen, G. B., Harrison, P. W., Höper, D., Holt, S., Hundahl, C., Hussein, A., ... Cochrane, G. (2019). The COMPARE Data Hubs. Database : the journal of biological databases and curation, 2019, 1-14. [baz136].