Technology and Fairy Tales

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The Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen was born 200 years ago and lived in a time of enormous progress in technology and science. He was excited about this, but also worried about what they would do to humans and culture. This dilemma is expressed in some of Andersen's fairy tales, here illustrated by 'The Snow Queen' and 'The Nigtingale'. Available also - in English, published in Eurasap Newsletter, no 55, pp. 15-27, 2005, European Association for the Science of Air Pollution, - in Russian, published in Chimiya, Metodika Prepodavaniya, no 5, pp. 13-19, 2005, Schkolnaya Pressa. - in Norwegian, published in "Mulighedsrommet", Årbok 2006, Idébanken, Oslo. - in Danish, unpublished.
Original languageJapanese
JournalOHM technical magazine
Issue number3
Pages (from-to)53-56
Publication statusPublished - 2005

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Published also in English, Russian, and Norwegian, available in Danish

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