Tarras Wanheim 1965-2005

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PREFACE The present book contains an overview of Professor Tarras Wanheim's achievements as teacher and researcher at the Technical University of Denmark in the period 1965-2005. The first part gives his curriculum vitae together with a summary of his research and supervision of undergraduate students, graduate students, and post docs. The second part presents a selection of his research publications in international scientific journals and conference proceedings. During his career, Professor Wanheim has founded and directed for 30 years the Laboratory of Mechanical Processing of Materials at the Department of Manufacturing Engineering and Management, placing it as one of the internationally renown research centres for metal forming. The undersigned, Leonardo De Chiffre and Niels Bay, have prepared this book as an acknowledgement from the laboratory to Professor Wanheim in connection with his retirement. Together with many other former and present students and colleagues, we are grateful of having experienced his inspiring and unique guidance as teacher and supervisor as well as his warm and friendly personality. Kgs. Lyngby January 2005 Leonardo De Chiffre Niels Bay
Original languageEnglish
PublisherIKON Tekst & Tryk A/S
Number of pages794
ISBN (Print)87-91035-24-4
Publication statusPublished - 2005


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