Synthesis of mixed-linked xylans for enzyme characterization

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The study of plant cell wall polysaccharides and their corresponding interactions with proteins is vitalto get new insights into plant development. Moreover, these polysaccharides are of interest in biotechnological research, due to their use in numerous industrial applications such as food, healthcare and sustainable biofuel production. A major class of hemicellulose is arabinoxylan that is an important polysaccharide component of lignocellulosic biomass. To underpin the full commercial exploitation of these glycan polymers, it is necessary to learn more about the enzymatic hydrolysis of arabinoxylans. This can be achieved by chemical synthesis of well-defined oligosaccharides as models for the more complex macromolecules. Moreover, the utilization of enzyme resistant substrates can support the mapping of the active site of glycosyl-hydrolases. The talk will highlight the synthesis of mixed O- and S-linked tetraxylans as possible interesting candidates for the investigation and characterization of arabinoxylan degrading enzymes.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2017
Publication statusPublished - 2017
Event19th European Carbohydrate Symposium - CCIB, Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 2 Jul 20176 Jul 2017
Conference number: 19


Conference19th European Carbohydrate Symposium

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Boos, I., & Clausen, M. H. (2017). Synthesis of mixed-linked xylans for enzyme characterization. Abstract from 19th European Carbohydrate Symposium, Barcelona, Spain.