Summary of case studies for cooperation mechanisms: Cost-Efficient and Sustainable Deployment of Renewable Energy Sources towards the 20% Target by 2020, and beyond

Francesco Dalla Longa, Henrik Klinge Jacobsen, Lise-Lotte Pade Hansen, Cristian Tantareanu, Natalia Caldes-Gomez, Marta Santamaria-Belda

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    This document is a summary report highlighting the main aspect analyzed in the RES4LESS case studies.
    The document starts with an introductory chapter where the background that led to the selection of the case studies is outlined. In the following three chapters the case studies are presented, highlighting the most relevant results. A brief chapter concludes the document, giving an outlook on the follow-up activities of the RES4LESS project.
    This summary is intended not only as an introduction to the RES4LESS cases studies, but also as a guideline to read and interpret the in-depth analysis carried out in the final documents that describe the case studies in detail. These documents will be published in September 2012 on the RES4LESS website,
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages20
    Publication statusPublished - 2012

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    Project no.: IEE/09/999/SI2.558312

    RES4LESS summary paper

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