Study of the influence of a grid on the plasma in a single-ended Q-machine

S.A. Andersen, Vagn Orla Jensen, P. Nielsen

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    The mechanism of the interaction between a biased grid and the plasma in a “single‐ended” Q‐machine was studied experimentally. It was found that the grid reflects some of the ions in the plasma flow. The number and velocity distribution of the reflected ions depend on the bias of the grid, on the plasma density, and on the distance between the grid wires. The reflected ions move as freely streaming particles except at high densities, where binary collisions are of importance. A small sinusoidal voltage applied to the biased grid excites an upstream wave with dispersion properties that can be explained as phase mixing of freely streaming particles reflected by the grid. © 1969 American Institute of Physics
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalPhysics of Fluids
    Pages (from-to)2694-2701
    Publication statusPublished - 1969

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