Structure of 1,5-Anhydro-D-Fructose: X-ray Analysis of Crystalline Acetylated Dimeric Forms

Inge Lundt, Søren Møller Andersen, Jan Marcussen, Inger Søtofte, Shukun Yu

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review


Acetylation of 1,5-anhydro-D-fructose under acidic conditions gave two crystalline acetylated dimeric forms, which by X-ray analysis were shown to be diastereomeric spiroketals formed between C-2 and C-2´/C-3´. The structures of the compounds differed only at the configuration at C-2. Acetylation or benzoylation of 1,5-anhydro-D-fructose in pyridine yielded 3,6-di-O-acetyl-1,5-anhydro-4-deoxy-D-glycero-hex-3-enos-2-ulopyra -nose or crystalline 1,5-anhydro-3,6-di-O-benzoyl-4-deoxy-D-glycero-hex-3-enos-2-ulo-py ranose.
Original languageEnglish
JournalJ. Carbohydr. Chem.
Issue number7
Pages (from-to)1027-1035
Publication statusPublished - 1998

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