Single-Shot-RARE for rapid 3D hyperpolarized metabolic ex vivo tissue imaging: RF-pulse design for semi-dense spectra

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MRS of hyperpolarized (HP) 13C-enriched compounds is a promising method for in vivo cancer diagnosis . Sentinel lymph node ex vivo tissue sample histology
used in clinical routine for breast cancer metastasis diagnosis requires time consuming sample analysis. 3D-HP-MRSI can potentially speed up the diagnosis given
a sensitive marker that can be efficiently imaged in tissue after homogenous injection. The entire sample can be confined within the imaged volume giving the
possibility of complete spatial non-selectivity of the radio frequency (RF) pulses in the RF pulse design with no chemical shift localization errors. Since only a few
product signals are of interest for this application, a combination of under-sampled temporal encoding, frequency selective excitation and the Single-Shot-RAREsequence
offers favourable SNR characteristics. Small peak separations are challenging, however, since they require narrow excitation transition-bands. We have designed a 3D-MRSI pulse sequence for hyperpolarized ex vivo sample imaging for semi-dense compound spectra (few components, relatively small separations), ultimately aimed to be used for metastasis detection in excised lymph nodes.
Original languageEnglish
Publication date2016
Publication statusPublished - 2016
Event33rd ESMRMB Annual Scientific Meeting - Vienna, Austria
Duration: 29 Sep 20161 Oct 2016


Conference33rd ESMRMB Annual Scientific Meeting

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Proceedings of the ESMRMB 33th Annual Meeting, 322, 2016.

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