Sensor technology foresight

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    The Sensor Technology Center A/S (STC) in co-operation with Risoe National Laboratory has carried out a sensor technology foresight in order to strengthen a strategic outlook on sensor technology. The technology foresight (with a timeframe of 2000 to 2015) has been performed in the period October 2000 – September 2001. The conclusions of the sensor technology report are based on 1) a scanning of existing forward looking literature on sensor technology, 2) a number of workshops with Danish and international participants and 3) an international survey with 174 respondents. Half of the respondents came from universities and other research institutes, and approximately one-third came from industry. The study has analysed six types of sensors (covering 13 sub-types) and, in addition, a number of systemic issues. All three sources of information indicate the same pattern regarding future attractiveness of sensor types. MEMS- and optical sensors, biochemical/biological sensors together with systemic issues are all expected to the most interesting sensor types over the next 10 years regarding market volume. General technological key features are expected to be quite generic: low price, small size, robustness, dispensability, and the ability to be self-calibrating. Future sensors are expected to be integrated systems with multiple applications. The market sectors most influenced by new sensor technology change from topic to topic. But a general conclusion is that health care is the market sector most heavily impacted by new sensor technology. It also appears that new sensor technology will affect food processing and the environment sector. Some impact is made on sectors such as agriculture, chemical engineering, domestic and other appliances, security and defence, transport, and energy. Less impact is made in sectors such as construction/housing, wood/textile, IT/communication, and metal and plastic processing. The survey does not challenge the generally accepted perception that the transport sector also in a 10 year future will be a driving force in developing new sensor technology
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    Publication statusPublished - 2001
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