Satellite eye for Galathea 3 - Slutrapport

Charlotte Bay Hasager, Peter Brøgger Sørensen, Jacob L. Høyer, Niels Kristian Højerslev, Roberto Saldo, Lotte Nyborg, Ole Baltazar Andersen, Merete Badger, Jürg Lichtenegger, Leif Toudal Pedersen, Michael Schultz Rasmussen, Peter Viskum Jørgensen

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    The Satellite Eye for Galathea 3 project started on the 10th March 2006, i.e. five months prior to the Galathea 3 expedition that departed from Copenhagen on the 12th August 2006. The expedition lasted in total 256 days (8 months), and the Satelitte Eye project continued working another 1 year and 8 months after the arrival of the expedition on the 24th April 2007.

    Egmont Fonden kindly supported the Satellite Eye project with 3.890.551 DKK in the period from the 10th March 2006 to the 31st December 2008.

    The Satellite Eye project team consisted of Risø DTU (coordinator), DTU Space, the Danish Meteorological Institute, the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, the company GRAS, the company Edugis, and ESA Eduspace – the educational group at the European Space Agency.

    The objective of the Satellite Eye for Galathea 3 project was to enable a systematic pre-ordering, recording, archiving, data handling and distribution of satellite Earth Observation images for science and education along the track of Galathea 3.

    The objective is fulfilled. The satellite images have been collected and archived at Around 40 educational projects have been developed and published. During the expedition, projects were published in Danish and in English at the Danish educational web EMU until the end of year 2007. In year 2008, all the projects have been finalized and published at the new web page only available in Danish. Links to the 40 projects in Danish are given in table 3.2. Links to the 21 projects in English are given in table 3.4. The final report is divided into three chapters: before, during and after the Galathea 3 expedition.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationRoskilde
    PublisherDanmarks Tekniske Universitet, Risø Nationallaboratoriet for Bæredygtig Energi
    Number of pages23
    ISBN (Print)978-87-550-3722-9
    Publication statusPublished - 2008
    SeriesDenmark. Forskningscenter Risoe. Risoe-R


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