Rotor Performance Enhancement Using Slats on the Inner Part of a 10MW Rotor

Mac Gaunaa (Author), Frederik Zahle (Author), Niels N. Sørensen (Author), Christian Bak (Author), Pierre-Elouan Réthoré (Author)

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    The present work continues the investigations of using slats on the inner parts of wind turbine rotors by using an updated version of the 2D CFD based airfoil/slat design tool earlier used by the authors in combination with the rotor design methods from [8] to design slats for 0:1 > r=R > 0:3 for the LightRotor baseline 10 MW reference rotor [10]. For the slatted case, a retwisting of the slatted inner part of the rotor was allowed for the slats to be able to work as intended. The new addition to the 2D CFD based design tool is that the representation of the airfoil and slats are done using splines, thus allowing for a much broader design space than in the previous works where only the position, size and additional camber of the slat airfoil could be adjusted. The aerodynamic performance of a slatted rotor is for the first time evaluated using 3D CFD in this work, and the results are compared to predictions of a lifting line based computational tool based on 2D airfoil polars to highlight the 3D rotational effects on airfoil coefficients of the slatted inner airfoil sections.
    Original languageEnglish
    Publication date2013
    Publication statusPublished - 2013
    EventEuropean Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition 2013 - Vienna, Austria
    Duration: 4 Feb 20137 Feb 2013


    ConferenceEuropean Wind Energy Conference & Exhibition 2013
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