Record power, ultra-broadband supercontinuum source based on highly GeO2 doped silica fiber

Deepak Jain, R. Sidharthan, Peter M. Moselund, S. Yoo, D. Ho, Ole Bang

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    We demonstrate highly germania doped fibers for mid-infrared supercontinuum generation. Experiments ensure a highest output power of 1.44 W for a broadest spectrum from 700 nm to 3200 nm and 6.4 W for 800 nm to 2700 nm from these fibers, while being pumped by a broadband Erbium-Ytterbium doped fiber based master oscillator power amplifier. The effect of repetition frequency of pump source and length of germania-doped fiber has also been investigated. Further, germania doped fiber has been pumped by conventional supercontinuum source based on silica photonic crystal fiber supercontinuum source. At low power, a considerable broadening of 200-300 nm was observed. Further broadening of spectrum was limited due to limited power of pump source. Our investigations reveal the unexploited potential of germania doped fiber for mid-infrared supercontinuum generation. These measurements ensure the potential of germania based photonic crystal fiber or a step-index fiber supercontinuum source for high power ultra-broad band emission being by pumped a 1060 nm or a 1550 nm laser source. To the best of our knowledge, this is the record power, ultra-broadband, and all-fiberized supercontinuum light source based on silica and germania fiber ever demonstrated to the date. (C) 2016 Optical Society of America
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalOptics Express
    Issue number23
    Pages (from-to)26667-26677
    Publication statusPublished - 2016


    • OPTICS
    • MU-M
    • 1550 NM
    • LASER
    • CORE
    • PULSES


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