Radiochemical Analysis for Nuclear Waste Mangement in Decommissioning

Xiaolin Hou (Editor), Jukka Lehto, Esa Puukko, Tero Räty, Lars Håkansson, Jens Hassingboe, Dan Bohr, Heidi Sjølin Thomsen, Anne Sørensen, Rajdeep Singh Sidhu, Xiaolin Hou, Violeta Hansen, Jixin Qiao, Keliang Shi

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    The NKS-B RadWaste project was launched from June 2009. The ongoing decommisioning activities in Nordic coutries and current requirements and problems on the radiochemical analysis of decommissioning waste were discussed and overviewed. The radiochemical analytical methods used for determination of various radionculides in nuclear waste are reviewed, a book was written by the project partners Jukka Lehto and Xiaolin Hou on the chemistry and analysis of radionuclide to be published in 2010. A summary of the methods developed in Nordic laboratories is described in this report. The progresses on the development and optimization of analytical method in the Nordic labs under this project are presented.
    Original languageEnglish
    Place of PublicationRoskilde
    PublisherNordic Nuclear Safety Research
    Number of pages42
    ISBN (Print)978-87-7893-292-1
    Publication statusPublished - 2010


    • Radioanalysis
    • Radionculides
    • Decommissioning
    • Radioactive waste


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