Radioactivity in the Risø District January-June 2014

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    The environmental surveillance of the Risø environment was continued in January-June 2014. The mean concentrations in air were: 0.47±0.45 μBq m–3 of 137Cs, 2.96±1.33 μBq m–3 of 7Be and 0.27±0.24 μBq m–3 of 210Pb (±1 S.D.; N = 26). The depositions by precipitation at Risø in the first half of 2013 were: 0.086 Bq m–2 of 137Cs, 433 Bq m–2 of 7Be, 39.9 Bq m–2 of 210Pb and < 0.8 kBq m–2 of 3H. The average background dose rate (TLD) at Risø (Zone I) was measured as 107 nSv h–1 compared with 91 ± 6 nSv h–1 (±1 S.D.; N = 4) in the four zones around Risø.
    The TLD measurement results for this reporting period show a greater background level than normally expected. This is probably caused by unresolved measurement problems, and work is ongoing to identify and solve these problems.
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