Profiling value added position in FM

Akarapong Katchamart

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    The dissertation is a research based contribution to the on-going professional discussion among researchers and practitioners within Facilities Management (FM) about whether and why FM organizations should be established with a managerial position which can act as a corporate strategic player. It is argued that being strategic is not the pre-requisite condition to add value to the core business and stakeholders but rather matching what does FM organization offer - so called FM product - with how does it being offered - so called FM process? By matching FM products with the right FM process, FM organizations can best add value. Based on comprehensive literature studies and 7 case studies of private and public organisations from Denmark, Holland, Hong Kong and Thailand, the dissertation analyses, how FM organizations can best create added value. From the analyses the following four value added positions have emerged:
    1. Support - FM organizations create benefit to its host organization from economies of scope and scale
    2. Enable - FM organizations increase the one-off organizational capacity and capability
    3. Ensure - FM organizations contribute the business continuity and reliability
    4. Enhance - FM organizations influence the business productivities and outcome Each type of value added requires specific conditions and contingencies involved. This research thus offers a visual aid tool, “FM product-process matrix”, to assist practitioners to indicate their existing circumstances and contexts and assess the current FM value added position and project for the next desirable value added position. It can be used to frame and re-frame the continual dialogue between related stakeholders and FM practitioners, both internal FM organization and external service providers. The research unfolds the unarticulated notions of added value from FM organization and activities. It will broaden the managerial perception and discussion on FM provision ´s abilities and capabilities. The results are besides the field of FM also of relevance for management of other service industries and functions.
    Original languageEnglish
    PublisherDTU Management Engineering
    Number of pages185
    ISBN (Electronic)978-87-92706-48-5
    Publication statusPublished - 2013
    SeriesDTU Management Engineering. PhD thesis


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