Proficiency Test on pesticide residue wheat kernels: EUPT-CF17 2023

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On 7 November 2022 the announcement of the 17th European Commission's Proficiency Test on Cereals and Feed (EUPT-CF17) was published on the EURL website, together with the Calendar and the Pesticide Target List including all compounds that could potentially be present in the Test Item. The Target Pesticides List included 169 individual compulsory compounds and 58 voluntary requiring the use of multi residue methods (MRMs), along with a minimum required reporting level (MRRL) stipulated for each compound. Links to The General Protocol containing information (Annex 1) that is common to all EUPTs, the Specific protocol (Annex 2), as well as a list of labs that are obliged to take part in the EUPT-CF17, were provided via the homepage. Laboratories were able to register online from December 2022 to 9 of January 2023. In total 149 laboratories from EU and EFTA countries agreed to participate in the test as well as 13 laboratories from EU-Candidate States and Third Countries (Appendix 1).

The wheat were sprayed in the field with 16 pesticides. The cultivation was performed in 2022 in Denmark by the Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture at Aarhus University. After analyses of the pesticide residues content, it was decided to additionally spike in the laboratory with six pesticides, which were either not included in the field treatments or where residues were too low for the evaluation.
The pesticides employed for the field treatment were selected by the EURL-CF and the EUPT quality control group. The application rates and harvest intervals chosen were based on previous experience and data from supervised residue trials. The test material was checked for homogeneity before shipping to participants. Furthermore, the stabilities of the pesticides in the Test Item were checked several times during the period of time allowed for laboratories to complete the PT exercise.

The participating laboratories were provided with 100 g portions of the rapeseed cake Test Item. The Test Items were shipped to participants on 6 February 2023 and the deadline for submission of results to the Organiser was the 6 March 2023. The deadline for submission of additional information for false negative results was the 5 March 2023. The participants were asked to analyse the Test Item and report the concentrations of any pesticide residues found that were included in the Target Pesticide List (Appendix 2). Submission of results was performed online via the DTU Webtool.
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Revision for 2. edition in December 2023: Table 10 updated with correct evaluations and appendix 1 updated requested laboratory names.


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