Pressure and rate transient modeling of multi fractured horizontal wells in shale gas condensate reservoirs

Sadegh Dahim, Amin Taghavinejad, Milad Razghandi, Hamed Rahimi Rigi, Kianoosh Moeini, Saeid Jamshidi, Mohammad Sharifi

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articlepeer-review


Gas condensate production using technology of multi-stage hydraulically fracturing in shale gas condensate reservoirs' horizontal wells is a new topic of unconventional resources studies. Thus, shale gas condensate as a new source of energy can be considered as an important issue for development and further studies. In this work, a semi-analytical solution of gas and oil two-phase flow is presented for pressure transient analysis (PTA) and rate transient analysis (RTA) of a shale gas condensate reservoir's production data. Fluid flow assumption here is flow in a pseudo triple-porosity porous media, which are matrix, natural fractures and adsorbed gas. Adsorbed gas is a form of gas in porous rock pores like free gas, but unlike that, it is not free to flow initially and requires pressure drop to desorb from micro- (or even nano-) pores of rock to flow in matrix and then in fracture. In this study, desorption of the adsorbed gas is modeled with Langmuir isotherm theory. Based on the results, type curves of two-phase pseudo-pressure and also two-phase rate decline are plotted. These type curves are analyzed with different sensitivities to Langmuir volume, interporosity flow parameters, horizontal well length, number of multiple-fractures and Corey model relative permeability exponents. Τhe strength of this work is to plot type curves of pressure and rate transient analysis of multi-stage hydraulically fractured well (MHFW) in shale gas condensate reservoir in terms of rich gas production of the well.
Original languageEnglish
Article number106566
JournalJournal of Petroleum Science and Engineering
Number of pages23
Publication statusPublished - 2020


  • Pseudo triple-porosity
  • Pressure transient analysis
  • Multi-stage hydraulically fractured well
  • Shale gas condensate
  • Rate transient analysis


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