Polyphasic taxonomy of the genus Talaromyces

N. Yilmaz, C.M. Visagie, J. Houbraken, Jens Christian Frisvad, R.A. Samson

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    The genus Talaromyces was described by Benjamin in 1955 as a sexual state of Penicillium that produces soft walled ascomata covered with interwoven hyphae. Phylogenetic information revealed that Penicillium subgenus Biverticillium and Talaromyces form a monophyletic clade distinct from the other Penicillium subgenera. Subsequently, in combination with the recent adoption of the one fungus one name concept, Penicillium subgenus Biverticillium was transferred to Talaromyces. At the time, the new combinations were made based only on phylogenetic information. As such, the aim of this study was to provide a monograph on Talaromyces applying a polyphasic species concept, including morphological, molecular and physiological characters. Based on an ITS, BenA and RPB2 multigene phylogeny, we propose a new sectional classification for the genus, placing the 88 accepted species into seven sections, named sections Bacillispori, Helici, Islandici, Purpurei, Subinflati, Talaromyces and Trachyspermi. We provide morphological descriptions for each of these species, as well as notes on their identification using morphology and DNA sequences. For molecular identification, BenA is proposed as a secondary molecular marker to the accepted ITS barcode for fungi.
    Original languageEnglish
    JournalStudies in Mycology
    Pages (from-to)175-341
    Number of pages167
    Publication statusPublished - 2014

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    • Talaromyces section Islandici (Pitt) Yilmaz, Frisvad & Samson
    • Talaromyces aerugineus (Samson) Yilmaz, Frisvad & Samson
    • Talaromyces bohemicus (Fassat. & Pěčková) Yilmaz, Frisvad & Samson
    • Talaromyces liani (Kamyschko) Yilmaz, Frisvad & Samson
    • Talaromyces cinnabarinus (S.C. Jong & E.E. Davis) Yilmaz, Samson & Frisvad

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    Yilmaz, N., Visagie, C. M., Houbraken, J., Frisvad, J. C., & Samson, R. A. (2014). Polyphasic taxonomy of the genus Talaromyces. Studies in Mycology, 78, 175-341. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.simyco.2014.08.001