Plasmonic anisotropic metasurfaces: from far-field measurements to near-field properties

Oleh Y. Yermakov, Dmitry V. Permyakov, Pavel A. Dmitriev, Anton K. Samusev, Ivan V. Iorsh, Andrei V. Lavrinenko, Andrey A. Bogdanov, Anatoly V. Zayats

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One of the most important problems of metamaterials and metasurfaces research is the derivation and the analysis of the effective parameters. They allow to examine the structure without singling out each element and it is the significant advantage for practical use. Recently, it has been shown that in virtue of a subwavelength thickness metasurfaces can be described within an effective conductivity approach. Such an effective surface conductivity describes the properties of a metasurface in the far-field as well as in the near-field. We derive and analyze the effective surface conductivity of a plasmonic resonant anisotropic metasurface theoretically and numerically. With the help of obtained effective conductivity we study the near-field properties of this metasurface, in particular, the equal frequency contours of surface waves. We show the topological transition from elliptical to hyperbolic-like dispersion regime for the surface waves on a hyperbolic metasurface. Finally, we study the influence of spatial dispersion on the eigenmodes spectrum and analyze the hyperbolic regime of a metasurface with strong spatial dispersion.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationProceedings of Spie
Number of pages6
PublisherSPIE - International Society for Optical Engineering
Publication date2018
Article number1067118
ISBN (Print)9781510618688
Publication statusPublished - 2018
SeriesProceedings of S P I E - International Society for Optical Engineering


  • Hyperbolic metasurface
  • Effective conductivity
  • Effective parameters extraction
  • Discrete dipole model
  • Surface waves
  • Spatial dispersion

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Yermakov, O. Y., Permyakov, D. V., Dmitriev, P. A., Samusev, A. K., Iorsh, I. V., Lavrinenko, A. V., Bogdanov, A. A., & Zayats, A. V. (2018). Plasmonic anisotropic metasurfaces: from far-field measurements to near-field properties. In Proceedings of Spie (Vol. 10671). [1067118] SPIE - International Society for Optical Engineering. Proceedings of S P I E - International Society for Optical Engineering, Vol.. 10671