Pilot batch production of cocoa butter-like fats from chinese vegetable tallow by enzymatic interesterification

Xuebing Xu, X. Hu, Steen Balchen, G. Zhang, Jens Adler-Nissen

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    There is a long term interest of lipase applications in lipid modifications because of the inherent advantages over chemical methods such as more specific reactions involved, less energy used, moderate reaction conditions and so on. In this work, cocoa butter-like fats (CBF) were produced using Chinese vegetable tallow (CVT) and fully hydrogenated soybean oil fatty acids (FHSOFA) as substrates. CVT is a naturally-rich-in-POP vegetable fat containing 80% Sn-POP which is obtained from the outer covering of the seed of the Chinese tallow tree. The FHSOFA contained about 86% stearic acid. The catalyst used was immobilised porcine pancreatic lipase (IPPL). Suitable reaction conditions based on the investigations of related factors are as follows: water content based on IPPL 9-12 w%, IPPL amount based on substrates 10-15 w%, reaction time 10-12 hours, reaction temperature 45-55°C, FHSOFA/ CVT (w/w) 1.3-1.7/1, hexane/substrates(v/w): 1.0:1-1.2:1. Based on the pilot batch plant, the total process is following: substrates, drying, reaction, filtration, fractionation, neutralisation, de-solventization and drying, and product. The fractionation process reduced the free fatty acid content to 5-8%. And about 90% of the present PPP and PPSt triglycerides were separated from the product. Under above parameters, the final pilot products had similar compositions to those of cocoa butter. In this research, IPPL showed initial interesterification activity at the similar level as Lipozyme IM from Novo. But after about 150-200 hours (8-10 batches), the activity was reduced to about a half of the starting point, much faster than that of Lipozyme IM reported.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationProceedings of The International symposium on New Approaches to Functional Cereals and Oils
    Place of PublicationBeijing
    Publication date1997
    Publication statusPublished - 1997
    EventThe International symposium on New Approaches to Functional Cereals and Oils - Beijing
    Duration: 1 Jan 1997 → …


    ConferenceThe International symposium on New Approaches to Functional Cereals and Oils
    Period01/01/1997 → …

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