Photoinduced anisotropy in a family of amorphous azobenzene polyesters for optical storage

Lian Nedelchev, Avtar S. Matharu, Søren Hvilsted, P.S. Ramanujam

Research output: Contribution to journalJournal articleResearchpeer-review


We investigate parameters associated with optical data storage in a variety of amorphous side-chain azobenzene-containing polyesters denoted as E1aX. The polyesters possess a common cyano-substituted azobenzene chromophore as a side chain, but differ in their main-chain polyester composition. Seventeen different polymers from the E1aX family divided into four classes, depending on the type of the main-chain substituent (one-, two-, and three-ring aromatic or alicyclic) have been thoroughly investigated. Various parameters characterizing the photoinduced birefringence in these materials, such as the response time, thermal and light stability, and long-term stability under ambient light at room temperature have been measured. Each of these parameters is quantitatively represented and therefore it is possible to make a clear comparison between the properties of the polymers. The results indicate that the long-term stability at ambient temperature is closely related to the thermal stability of the photoinduced birefringence. A strong correlation has also been found between the response time and the stability of the induced anisotropy toward illumination with unpolarized white light. One of the classes of E1aX polymers characterized by two-ring aromatic substituent in the main chain is a good candidate for optical data storage media. A recording energy of approximately 2 J/cm(2) is sufficient to induce high refractive-index modulations of Deltan = 0.13 in these materials, which is retained even at elevated temperatures (>130 degreesC). Long-term stability of greater than one year for the induced anisotropy has also been achieved.
Original languageEnglish
JournalApplied Optics
Issue number29
Pages (from-to)5918-5927
Publication statusPublished - 2003

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Nedelchev, L., Matharu, A. S., Hvilsted, S., & Ramanujam, P. S. (2003). Photoinduced anisotropy in a family of amorphous azobenzene polyesters for optical storage. Applied Optics, 42(29), 5918-5927.