Photochemical Stability of π-Conjugated Polymers for Polymer Solar Cells: a Rule of Thumb

Matthieu Manceau

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    A comparative photochemical stability study of a wide range of π-conjugated polymers relevant to polymer solar cells is presented. More than 20 samples were selected to cover a broad variety of polymer types (purely donor, donor / acceptor, thermo-cleavable) and chemical structures. Many of the moieties commonly used in the PSCs field are thus included in this study. The behavior of each material has been carefully investigated under simulated sunlight (1 sun, 1000 W m-2, AM 1.5G) and ambient atmosphere. Degradation was monitored all along ageing combining UV-visible and Infra-red spectroscopies. Polymer durability was shown to cover a very broad range of values, from very few hours (e.g. MEH-PPV) to several thousands of hours (e.g. some thermo-cleaved samples). As all the experiments were conducted under the same conditions, comparison of the collected data was possible and the influence of different points on photochemical stability is discussed (donor and acceptor group nature, side-chain type). This screening finally allowed for the description of general rules for π-conjugated polymer photochemical stability. Our results thus provide a better description of the structure – stability relationship, as well as meaningful help if ones aim is to synthesize new good candidates for PSCs that unite efficiency and stability.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationBook of abstracts
    PublisherDanmarks Tekniske Universitet, Risø Nationallaboratoriet for Bæredygtig Energi
    Publication date2010
    Publication statusPublished - 2010
    Event3rd International Summit on OPV Stability - Risø, Denmark
    Duration: 21 Oct 201029 Oct 2010
    Conference number: 3


    Conference3rd International Summit on OPV Stability
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    • Polymer solar cells
    • Solar energy


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