Pesticide exposure assessment in flowing waters – results for predicted environmental concentrations in some brooks in Germany

M.T. Trapp, D.G. Guerniche, M.B. Bach, Stefan Trapp, R.K. Kubiak

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The “Georisk”- project of the German Federal Environmental Agency forms the scientific basis for an integration of more realistic landscape based scenarios into the process of pesticide registration. Here, first results of geodata-based simulations are presented. The objective of the simulations was to predict initial environmental concentrations in flowing water bodies after spray drift exposure. Based on this the downstream development of these concentrations over space and time with regard to dispersion processes was simulated (PECtwa, Time over Threshold). An adequate GIS-based software-environment and a functional workflow have been developed which make use of high and medium resolution geodata (water bodies, application areas, mitigating vegetation) and implement results of the relevant scientific work. The observed spatial entity here, as a first step, is a brook in the Hallertau Region, Germany. The analysis was carried out with two different data bases: (i) a mesoscale dataset from the German ATKIS (official landuse data), and (ii) a high resolution (HR) landscape classification derived from digital ortho-images. The results show a continuous downstream increase of ToTh and a downstream increasing TWA strongly correlated to the neighbouring application areas. Differences between the databases can be stated: PECtwa(1h) at 3150 m from the source simulated on ATKIS data amounts to 18 µg/l (Max: 18.5 µg/l at 6000 m), whereby the value calculated on HR-data is 11.7 µg/l (Max: 18 µg/l at 4250 m). The plot for TWA on Hr-basis shows a stronger variability due to a higher spatial resolution of the data. ToTh at 3150 m based on ATKIS lasts 2 h 49 min (Max: 5 h 10 m at 6000 m), the value based on HR-data is 1 h 48 min (Max: 4 h 50 m at 6000 m).
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationSETAC Europe 2010
Place of PublicationBruxelles
PublisherSETAC Europe
Publication date2010
Publication statusPublished - 2010
Event20th SETAC Europe Annual Meeting: Science and Technology for Environmental Protection - Sevilla, Spain
Duration: 23 May 201027 May 2010


Conference20th SETAC Europe Annual Meeting


  • Surface water
  • Landscape based risk assessment
  • Spray drift
  • Georisk

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