Performance assessment of BlueINNOship maritime innovation network

Melanie Kreye, Zoran Perunovic

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This report presents the findings of a study into the performance effects of BlueINNOship - a publicly funded innovation network in the Danish maritime industry. The study is based on a survey design of all BlueINNOship participants based on long-standing research on the innovation network. Based on the literature and the funding proposal of BlueINNOship, six performance factors were identified: dissemination, efficiency, networking capabilities, innovation capabilities, emission reduction, and growth. The study results show that BlueINNOship exceeded many of the promises regarding dissemination. Furthermore, the network had a high positive effect on efficiency where the time requirements of
innovation activities could be reduced through participation in the network. Furthermore, activities achieved budget constraints. BlueINNOship furthermore had a high effect on networking capabilities. Specifically, the network enabled the participating organisation to build closer relationships with existing partners such as customers, consultants and organisations. However, the building of relationships with new partners was not part of the performance effect of the network.
The study further shows that BlueINNOship created small effects in terms of innovation capabilities. This observation may be linked to the traditional innovation models applied in the Danish maritime sector. Finally, BlueINNOship created small effects for reduction of emission targets and growth. This contradicts an explicit aim of the network which was to reduce emissions from the maritime technology and to further growth in the Danish maritime sector. The findings encourage changes to the Danish maritime sector which could further improve the positive effects of future innovation networks such as BlueINNOship. Based on this report, two changes in practice are proposed to ensure performance of future innovation networks in the Danish maritime sector. The first change in practice concerns more radical innovation approaches which include more risky projects including fundamentally new technologies. This could increase the
effects on innovation capabilities and ultimately overall growth in the maritime sector. The second change in practice concerns to encouragement of the participation of new organisations in a future innovation network. This would enable the creation of new partnerships and new projects to further enhance the positive effect of a future innovation network. These proposed changes in practice could increase the performance effects of future innovation networks within the Danish maritime sector ensuring economic growth and competitiveness.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages18
Publication statusPublished - 2018


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